RelMicroS experienced trainers offer unique trainings and continuous support after training, enabling customers to deliver reliable designs. RelMicroS Training enables our customers to design and market reliable products faster without risk and with dedicated support from highly skilled professional engineering teams.

RelMicroS Trainings

1. Circuit Design for Reliability

Intensive scaling for VLSI circuits is a key factor for gaining outstanding performance. However, this scaling has huge negative impact on the circuit reliability, as it increases the undesired effect of aging degradation on ultradeep submicrometer technologies.

This training course covers physical understanding, modeling and simulation, on-chip characterization, layout solutions, and design techniques that are effective to enhance the reliability of various circuit designs.

Course contents:

  1. VLSI reliability
  2. Reliability degradation mechanisms
  3. Modeling reliability degradation mechanisms
  4. Planar MOSFET VS FinFET reliability
  5. On-Chip characterization of reliability degradation
  6. Layout aware reliability analysis
  7. Circuit level design techniques


2. Reliable Software for Unreliable Hardware

Embedded systems are an important part of our daily lives due to their deployment in various applications. As aforementioned, reliability has emerged as one of the primary design criteria. For embedded systems it is crucial to enable a highly reliable software system to mask hardware-level faults.
This training bridges the gap between the hardware and software by quantifying the effects of hardware-level faults at the software-level. The training presents software-level techniques for cross-layer software program reliability modeling and optimization at different levels of granularity; and at different system design abstractions.

Further information

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