Automobiles have evolved to include more sophisticated electronics components than any time before to provide comfort, convenience, and safety. However, automobiles face very harsh operating conditions that require very specific reliable designs to achieve zero failure operation. RelMicroS contributes to the evolution of automotive industry through offering unique reliable designs that meets the needs of this booming industry.

Space and Avionics

Reliability is indispensable for safe operation and optimized efficiency within space and avionics applications, where radiation effects on electronics must be considered: e.g. satellites must not fail as direct reparation is impossible to be carried out; the safety of electronic systems in avionics are of extreme importance and must be guaranteed despite the radiation levels. RelMicroS provides reliable design solutions that meet the special needs of space and avionics systems.


Reliability is one of the most essential concerns and elementary issues in communication systems, such as cyber-physical systems, where network components, sensors, actuators, controllers are interconnected with each other. These systems are prevailing in many safety-critical areas, including aerospace, automotive, civil infrastructure, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation, etc. In such systems, a single link failure, or communication delay could lead to catastrophic consequences. RelMicroS offers a comprehensive suite of reliable design solutions that meets the special needs of communications systems.

Internet of Things (IoT)

By 2020, there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet. IoT is covering a variety of domains ranging from transport, agriculture, tracking, and defense to smart environments like homes and buildings. IoT devices have to be self-adaptive and reliable to provide efficient mechanisms for information distribution unceasingly. RelMicroS IPs empower IoT with reliable designs characterized with high-efficiency, and low-power.