RelMicroS is a pioneering semiconductor design company. RelMicroS started as an inspiration for the purpose of creating Reliable Microelectronic Systems believing that creativity, efficiency, and performance are worthless if they are not served with an equal amount of reliability.


RelMicroS transforms how the world can rely on microelectronic systems. RelMicroS designs and develops a broad range of reliable analog, digital, and mixed-signal Integrated Circuits that are resilient to semiconductor failures for advanced technology nodes.


Advanced microelectronic systems are developed to completely control critical applications, such as aerospace, avionics, automotive, and medical. In these applications, a single failure will lead to catastrophic consequences. Consequently, reliability is high on the semiconductor agenda.


In order to have better performance, efficiency, and functionality, semiconductor industry was determined to integrate new functions and increase devices. In addition to achieving intensive dimension scaling toward the ultradeep submicrometer technology nodes, as captured in Moore’s law. However, these activities backfired as SOCs has become more complex and prone to reliability failures. As a consequence, maintaining these impressive gained performance, efficiency, and functionality, a major hurdle of challenges have to be surpassed in terms of reliability.


RelMicroS empowers customers with the cutting edge they need to deliver reliable microelectronic systems characterized with high-efficiency, high-performance, and low-power designs for the leading-edge nodes.